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Christmas Party December 5, 2008

Filed under: Uncategorized — Sarah @ 6:38 pm

No, not the one Club Penguin is setting up…MY ONE! Ok, it won’t be as decorative as the Club Penguin one, but I’ll try my best to do my igloo up for the Party. I’m not sure on the date yet, but probably around the 16th! Then I could have a big party every 16th! The party will probably be about 2pm PST, or 6pm British time, 16th December, 2008, but this isn’t final, so don’t make a note of it just yet! I’ll make another post with the final date and time on it. The party is at my igloo, but we could maybe go outside to do Christmas activities? Brainstorm (or thought-shower) your ideas and leave a comment for me. Thank you! (I just had another idea that we could all dress yellow or red or green for Christmas!)


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