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Updates December 16, 2008

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My Christmas Party is today, so come to Vanilla at 5pm and look for Wiisports’s igloo on the map!

There is also a new furniture igloo with even more Christmas stuff! I think it was made in quite a rush because there are no cheats. I can also confirm that the sports catalogue has NO cheats, except the surfboard one.

Rockhopper is finally here! I saw his ship a while ago, when the Club Penguin home page glitched and his ship appeared on my screen, but this is for real! The treasure hunt game has a Christmas theme, so coins are now ‘candy’ or small sweets, rubies are candy canes and emeralds are baubles! You get a 100 coin bonus if you find a bauble, which is good!

Finally, there are boxes with ‘snow’ written on them, they also have candy canes spilling out of them! It’s 3 days until the Club Penguin party (It’s on the 19th.) .


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