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New Year’s Party Starts Tomorrow! (and more updates) December 25, 2008

Filed under: Uncategorized — Sarah @ 10:01 pm

Tomorrow, on the 26th of December, the new year’s party starts! I’m not really that excited about it; there are just lots of fireworks on the ski mountain and the iceburg. But a lot of penguins like to watch them, for some reason. They do only come once a year! Moving on to the IGLOO CONTEST…my advice is that you try to do a theme; if you like animals, deck out with teddy bears, reindeer and fish on the dinner table. If you want your igloo to look like the great outdoors, use snow furniture, icicles and rocks. Here’s a really cool thing you can make, which is no-one else’s idea: Get the LCD tv, then change the channel to the fire one. Ok, now posotion some rocks around the fire, and it looks like the fire in the SURVIVAL mission! See you next post!


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