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Tommy Knight at Collectormania May 4, 2010

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Another short post (sorry) but I’ll make sure all the news is in here, just really concentrated!! 😛
On Gallifrey base there was this thread about Tommy Knight being at Collectormania, Friday 28th to Monday 31st May. I won’t be going (I don’t seem to go to anything, really.) because A, I’m pretty convinced it’s not my kind of thing, B there’s 1 person there who Ive actually seen in anything (I don’t watch much sci-fi) and C, it’s in Milton Keynes, which is practically London, which is 7-ish hours away. Thankyou to Timeboy for that. 🙂
this post is so short because I have 2 maths exams tomorrow and I’m all math’d out. And it’s so badly written because I’m dying of tiredness here. 😉
Hopefully some slightly better-written work coming your way soon.

SJA News 😛