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Tommy Knight at Collectormania May 4, 2010

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Another short post (sorry) but I’ll make sure all the news is in here, just really concentrated!! 😛
On Gallifrey base there was this thread about Tommy Knight being at Collectormania, Friday 28th to Monday 31st May. I won’t be going (I don’t seem to go to anything, really.) because A, I’m pretty convinced it’s not my kind of thing, B there’s 1 person there who Ive actually seen in anything (I don’t watch much sci-fi) and C, it’s in Milton Keynes, which is practically London, which is 7-ish hours away. Thankyou to Timeboy for that. 🙂
this post is so short because I have 2 maths exams tomorrow and I’m all math’d out. And it’s so badly written because I’m dying of tiredness here. 😉
Hopefully some slightly better-written work coming your way soon.

SJA News 😛



Lucie Jones to cameo! :D April 28, 2010

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Thankyou to RudeAndNotGinger for this. :p

Lucie Jones from The X Factor is going to be cameo-ing in series 4 of SJA! More details are here . The one time I bought Heat magazine, I read that she did modelling before X Factor, but she’s an actress as well? Person of many talents 😛 I’m jealous, anyhoo!

Sorry for the short post but it’s better than nothing. (:

SJA News


PS: My name on Gallifrey Base has changed from SJA news to IndigoTomCat. Because being called a shortened version of ‘Sarah Jane Adventures News’ is boring. And I leik the Indigo season of Pokemon 😛


New Year’s Party Starts Tomorrow! (and more updates) December 25, 2008

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Tomorrow, on the 26th of December, the new year’s party starts! I’m not really that excited about it; there are just lots of fireworks on the ski mountain and the iceburg. But a lot of penguins like to watch them, for some reason. They do only come once a year! Moving on to the IGLOO CONTEST…my advice is that you try to do a theme; if you like animals, deck out with teddy bears, reindeer and fish on the dinner table. If you want your igloo to look like the great outdoors, use snow furniture, icicles and rocks. Here’s a really cool thing you can make, which is no-one else’s idea: Get the LCD tv, then change the channel to the fire one. Ok, now posotion some rocks around the fire, and it looks like the fire in the SURVIVAL mission! See you next post!


Lots of new updates! December 23, 2008

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O.K…Firstly, the Christmas party started on Monday! The whole of Club Penguin is COVERED in snow, and there’s supposed to be more on the way! There is also an IGLOO DECORATING CONTEST, but it’s only for members, which is bad luck for non-members. But there are two free items: The santa hat and the santa beard! But the santa hat is just a repeat. Here’s where to find those two, though:

Santa hat: Snow forts

Santa beard: Ski village

There is also a present pin on the fireplace in the Ski Lodge.

And if you get a chance, make sure you visit the Dojo Courtyard before the 29th, because the decorations are great!


Updates December 16, 2008

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My Christmas Party is today, so come to Vanilla at 5pm and look for Wiisports’s igloo on the map!

There is also a new furniture igloo with even more Christmas stuff! I think it was made in quite a rush because there are no cheats. I can also confirm that the sports catalogue has NO cheats, except the surfboard one.

Rockhopper is finally here! I saw his ship a while ago, when the Club Penguin home page glitched and his ship appeared on my screen, but this is for real! The treasure hunt game has a Christmas theme, so coins are now ‘candy’ or small sweets, rubies are candy canes and emeralds are baubles! You get a 100 coin bonus if you find a bauble, which is good!

Finally, there are boxes with ‘snow’ written on them, they also have candy canes spilling out of them! It’s 3 days until the Club Penguin party (It’s on the 19th.) .


Christmas Party! December 6, 2008

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Wiisports’s Christmas Party!

Place: Wiisports’s igloo

Server: Vanilla (I would’ve liked ‘Christmas’, but it’s always full near Christmas time :(.)

Time: 5:30pm UK time (try and work it out for your country!)

Wear: It’s fancy dress! Try and be creative; don’t just wear a boring old snowman suit or an elf costume!

When: 16th December 2oo8

Hope you can come (if anyone actually READS this blog) !



Christmas Party December 5, 2008

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No, not the one Club Penguin is setting up…MY ONE! Ok, it won’t be as decorative as the Club Penguin one, but I’ll try my best to do my igloo up for the Party. I’m not sure on the date yet, but probably around the 16th! Then I could have a big party every 16th! The party will probably be about 2pm PST, or 6pm British time, 16th December, 2008, but this isn’t final, so don’t make a note of it just yet! I’ll make another post with the final date and time on it. The party is at my igloo, but we could maybe go outside to do Christmas activities? Brainstorm (or thought-shower) your ideas and leave a comment for me. Thank you! (I just had another idea that we could all dress yellow or red or green for Christmas!)