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Wiisports’s Favourite New Stuff! December 5, 2008

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Hi, I wanted to personalise this, so here are my TOP TEN FAVOURITE NEW THINGS!

1. The figure skating outfit (with shoes),

2. The welcome mat (seems weird but I’ve always wanted one!),

3. The christmas tree,

4. Gingerbread man costume,

5. The yellow scarf,

6. The fireplace,

7.  The christmas lights,

8. The bodywarmer (pink and brown)

9. The pink scarf (I like scarves)

10. The blue scarf!

Also, when I went to the Club Penguin website it glitched and accidently showed me a picture of The Migrator on the screen. This means that Rockhopper is coming soon, also when I checked the telescope, The Migrator was on the horizon.


New Catalogues and Cheats

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There are 3 new catalogues;

a clothing catalogue,

a sports clothing catalogue,

and an igloo furniture catalogue.

Here are the cheats for them:

Clothing catalogue:

For a yellow scarf: On the page with the elf and the gingerbread man under the christmas tree, click on the four lights at the bottom of the tree, starting from the left hand side.

For the viking hat (in every catalogue) : Click the ‘black parka’ penguin’s beak. For the cool viking hat, click his beak, then close, then the beak, then close, then his beak (final time!), then close, then his beak!

For a pink pom-pom toque: Click the penguin’s bow on her wig (on the snowball fight page).

For the black superhero mask: Click the pink flipper on the ‘shoes’ page.

Sports clothing catalogue:

For the silver surkboard: On the surfboards page, click the surfboard in the penguin’s hand to change it to a pink one, then click the starfish and the shell.


Igloo furniture catalogue:

For a leaning tree: Click the red bow on page 1 (this is just a floppy tree and a complete waste of money, if you want my advice, here it is: BUY A REAL TREE.)

For a welcome mat: Click the control terminal on the gadgets page.

For the music stand: Click on the guitar stand.

Also, if you click on the fire in the oven it moves-try it for yourself!

Hope you find this useful!


New Stuff! (A bit delated) November 22, 2008

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This is a bit late to be saying it, but here are some new things in Club Penguins which have appeared in the past 2 weeks:

New postcards-‘I like your outfit!’ ‘_______ wants to play Aqua Grabber!’ ‘_______wants to play DJ3K!’and also one for the stage.

Pin- There is a new snowflake pin which appeared Thursday.


Working up to black belt! November 21, 2008

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I have seen a lot of penguins who are already ninjas; they probably got the cards that you can buy in the U.S.A. However, most penguins do not have the cards, so we’ll just keep working up to a black belt! I’m only on yellow so far; my internet keeps breaking down which is why I haven’t been able to write my blog. Kepp visiting the site!


Party on Sunday! November 16, 2008

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I know I don’t have many views, but I’m having a birthday party on Sunday, the 16th of November! Here are the delails:

Place: My igloo (Wiisports), I’ll be on the map

Time: 8am-9am PST (about 5pm-6pm Greenwich Mean Time)

Host: Me! (Wiisports)

Date: 16th November 2008

V.I.Ps: Lollipopsxox, Star Angel3, Coconuts mmm, Jakandfiona1, Ilovelimes and Moo Meh

Wear: Your favourite clothes or paint yourself your favourite colour

Hope you can come!



The dojo’s Grand re-opening!

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The dojo’s grand re-opening is today!  There are sandles outside, which everyone can pick up! Also every 4 minutes, you can throw snowballs at the gong which appears. Lastly, the ‘Sensei’ has disappeared, probably to prepare for the 17th(Monday).


Ninja Training on Monday! November 13, 2008

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The dojo has it’s grand re-opening tomorrow, which will last until the 16th of November! There will also be a new game, ‘card jitsu’ on the 17th, which you will have to get good at to earn all the belts until you can become a ninja.